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31 Jan 2020

Hardly a week goes by or there is a party somewhere in Spain. Even during the quiet months between Christmas and Easter, Spaniards still find plenty of reasons to build a party. The biggest party in that period is without a doubt Carnival!

Those who like to party can let themselves go completely during Carnival. Everyone changes clothes, assumes a different identity and forgets the stress and worries of daily life in that different, fantastic carnival reality. The origin of this celebration is in ancient Rome, and soon it spread to Europe. The weeks before the strict fasting period, this was a way to enjoy the rest before the restrictions came into effect, and that was accompanied by gigantic meals with a lot of alcohol.

The most important day of the festive week is Carnival Tuesday, followed by the final ceremony on Ash Wednesday, when the 'Entierro de la Sardina' or 'Burial of the Sardine' takes place. This ceremony is a parody of a funeral, in which a giant sardine float is set on fire to say goodbye to the pleasures of life before the fasting period begins.

Carnival is celebrated in different regions throughout Spain, but the biggest and most famous celebrations take place in the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife; in the historic city of Cádiz in Andalusia; in the green hills of Galicia; and in the elegant and particularly lively seaside town of Sitges.

But also Aguilas and Torrevieja are definitely worth to see and close by.

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